Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia updates rules for foreign employers

Saudi Arabia new rules for foreign employers

Saudi Arabia updates the rules for foreign employers implementing yesterday.
Saudi Arabia is implementing 10 new labour laws designed to protect the working class (their rights):
1️⃣End of the sponsorship system
2️⃣Complete freedom for a worker to go into another person’s care / take up another profession without the consent of his / her sponsor
3️⃣Freedom to travel abroad / abroad only by informing/sending an email to your sponsor
4️⃣Complete freedom to move from one job to another during a valid agreement subject to certain conditions
5️⃣Complete freedom for the worker to travel to the final exit from the country without the permission of his sponsor!
6️⃣Guarantee of access to all labour services from “Abshar” and “Qawi” platforms
7️⃣These laws will apply to all workers in the private sector
8️⃣Passing a worker’s test in their home country will be a “basic condition” for a visa to be issued
9️⃣Visas can only be obtained if you are proficient in reading and writing
1️⃣0️⃣The above rules are exempt from the visas of Family Driver / Practitioner, Security Officer / Guard, Domestic Worker / Domestic Worker, Shepherd / Pastor and Gardener / Bastani Profession, ie they will not be subject to the above new rules.
Saudi Arabia updates the rules for foreign employers which is the best revolution in Saudi Arabia to boost the economy.