Faizan-e-Kaaba Group of Travels & Tours is Pakistan based company offering services in all over Pakistan since 2005. We organize small and large groups of pilgrims to perform Hajj and Umrah in Saudi Arabia. We provide our customers with all the services of Hajj and Umrah. The facilities include the following services:

  • Umrah and Hajj approval
  • Visa confirmation
  • Ticket booking of the tour
  • Hotel booking of the tour
  • All the residential facilities of Makkah and Medina.

 We also make arrangements for our pilgrims to visit the historical places of Makkah and Medina. Where they want and wish to go. Moreover, we provide them with all the facilities that they need and demand to make them feel like a family. Luckily, we are committed and responsible for all the pilgrims travelling with us.

Our Mission:

To be the best leader in the travel trade around Pakistan.

Our Team:

We provide full support to our clients and guide them properly. We guide according to the religious situations and in other activities too. If they face any issues in these like residential issues, ticket booking issues and all the travelling issues. We have a team of professional guides that take care of all the pilgrims. They guide them in a proper and professional way. So that they do not face any difficulty.

To provide all our clients with complete comfort and satisfaction throughout the tour is our aim. We want our clients to remember us in good words that is why we take care of all the things. This is the only reason because of which the pilgrims have tremendous trust in our company. And they always choose us for their trips of Hajj and Umrahs. And this list of happy customers is the backbone of our company.  In short, we do these efforts for the pilgrims so they just do effort in doing one thing. That is worshipping ALLAH in HIS house and MUHAMMAD Peace Be Upon Him. 

Our Company:

Faizan-e-Kaaba Group of Travels & Tours is an authorized agent and have taken their license from the government in 2005. From 2005 we are providing our facilities for tourism to our clients. And from that time we are the best Hajj and Umrah Service providers. We have different packages that we offering to our clients and each package is at a reasonable price. Similarly, we arrange tours that match your interests and budget. We also offer our clients to choose everything of their own choices. They can choose their hotel options, transportation options, ziarat options and options of breaks according to their wish. 

  • Playing Comprehensive Role to make travel simple and easy with all feasible options.
  • Online Reliable Source where you can book your occasional tours at any time of the year.
  • We are fully Responsible for what we are offering and providing. We give quality & honour rather excuses for hotels, airlines, prices, or availability.
  • The Simplicity; a belief at Faizan-e-Kaaba. You can easily access and book your tour. In either case, you may contact and advise the needful.