Hajj Packages

Faizan-e-Kaaba Travels and Tours is offering different types of  Hajj packages to their clients. We have two types of packages. One package is named as Package A and the other package is named as Package Vip. By the way, both packages include different facilities. It is clear from the names that the A category package is for regular customers and VIP category package is for special customers that want an extraordinary place to stay.

Next, we will discuss the details of both the packages. In short, we will discuss the facilities that we are offering to our clients in these packages. Both packages have different rates but, rates of both packages are very reasonable. We define the rates after noticing that everyone can easily afford our Hajj package. Because we do not want anyone that delays the holy tour because of rates. That is why our rates are very reasonable.

Package A:

There are two hotels where we will stay. The hotel in Makkah is FANDAQ-AL-MASA and the hotel in Medinah is 3-star Markazla. Both hotels are the best hotels of Makkah and Madinah. The environment of the hotel is very clean and the views are very beautiful. Similarly, the rooms are of different types and prices of the rooms depend on the type of room. This Package is for 40- nights. The rooms specifications and prices are as follows:

  • 5,6 Beds (Separate Room) is at Rs: 4,85,000/- Per Person.
  • 3 Beds (Separate Room) is at Rs: 5,00,000/- Per Person.
  • 2 Beds (Separate Room) is at Rs: 5,22,000/- Per Person.

Package VIP:

The hotel for the VIP package are also the same but the rooms will be of different kinds. Similarly, the prices of the rooms will depend on the type of rooms. This VIP package is for 25-nights only. The rooms specifications and prices are as follows:

  • 5/6 Beds (Sharing) is at Rs: 5,20,000/- Per Person.
  • 3 Beds (Separate Room) is at Rs: 5,25,000/- Per Person.
  • 2 Beds (Separate Room) is at Rs:5,40,000/- Per Person.


There are a few requirements that you have to follow for Hajj Package. In short, these requirements are very important to fulfil. The requirements are as follows that we need from you:

  • Original Machine Readable Passport (Validity One Year).
  • Valid Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC).
  • B-Form (In case of Child).
  • 08 Number of Color Picture with Size 3x4 cm with Light Blue Background Dark Clothes (Not accepted Polarized, Black & White & Light Pictures).
  • Next, Copy of CNIC and Contact Number.
  • Your Blood Group Number.
  • In brief, Present and Postal Address and Contact Number.

These requirements are compulsory for all the pilgrims. if any of these requirements are not completed by any pilgrims then the booking and reservation will be postponed by the hotel authority. Therefore, according to the rules and regulations these requirements are must to be fulfilled. So, as you may have noticed that the prices are very reasonable for our packages. And if you want to book the Hajj tour then contact us on our phone number or on our website for further details and confirmations.