Pakistan Airlines in 2020

Pakistan Airlines in 2020 was also good for Pakistani airlines but it caused a lot of difficulties at the start of the year. But at the end of the year, we also saw some things that made us proud. In this blog, you will read about the events that took place in Pakistan Airlines in 2020.  The beginning of the year was not a good one for Pakistan.

PIA Plane Crashed

PIA Plane Crash

Pakistan International Airlines Flight 8303 route from Lahore to Karachi crashed due to a technical problem before landing in Karachi, died 97 people, including 97 people in the cabin.

EU ban PIA Flights

EU ban PIA Flights

In July 2020, the European Union suspended PIA flights to Europe due to the issue of fake pilot licenses, which are still banned.

Virgin Atlantic Airlines Resume flights for PakistanVirgin Atlantic Airlines Resume flights for Pakistan

But then some good things started On December 13, Virgin Atlantic Airlines resumed its flights to Pakistan.

Serene Air started international flightSerene Air started international flight

On December 18, Pakistan Civil Aviation allowed Serene Air to resume international flights and now Syrian Air will start international flights in January 2021.

Air Sial New Pakistani Airline

Air Sial New Pakistani Airline

At the end of the year, Pakistan Aviation added a new airline, Air Sial. Air Sial launched its first commercial flight on December 25, 2020.

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