Visa Services

Faizan e Kaaba Group of Travels & Tours is serving their client since 2005, with efficient and dedicated work. So, now we are also offering immigration services to our clients on their demand. In short, now you are in safe hands with all kinds of visas. We are offering the most trusted immigration service to our clients. We have a team of professionals staff that will take care of every detail of your visa.

Our team can contact you for any kind of information regarding your visa. because taking care of your documents is very important for us. So, you shall not face any problem because of your visa. We will take care of every single detail to prevent every type of difficulty. And we will provide you with your visa in a short time.

Different countries Visa:

We are offering to our clients a visa service for different countries around the world. Moreover, you can also tell us about your demands and needs. Then we will also provide you with the visa of your needs and desires. The visa that we are offering is for the following countries:

  • Dubai
  • Saudia Arabia
  • Thailand
  • Singapore
  • Malaysia
  • Australia
  • Philippines
  • New Zealand
  • Canada
  • Turkey
  • Cuba
  • Egypt
  • Syria
  • Tajikistan
  • Azerbaijan
  • Kenya and many others.

You can get a visa for these countries through us. We will provide you with a visa according to your needs and demand. Mostly, we deal with a visiting visa. Because most of the clients demand the visiting visa. Such as, for Hajj tour visiting visa, is required, for Umrah visiting visa is required. And for business purpose or travelling purposes as well. Visit visa is of 3 types. The number of days is different in every visa. For example, Visit visa of Dubai is of three categories. One is for 14 days, the second one is of 30 days and is known as short term tourist visa. The third one is of 90 days. We also deal with a permanent Visa.

Requirements for Visa:

  • Scanned colour copy of your passport.
  • Clear passport size photographs.
  • All original documents and their copies.

Prices and time:

In short, we offer our clients all the visa's at very reasonable prices than other companies. We offer the best deals to our clients. So, they become satisfied and built trust in us. Because our growth is possible if our clients are happy with us. Also, we provide a visa to our clients in less time frame because of our fast working method. So, that is why we will be your best choice for getting a visa. Now, if you want a visa for any country then contact us for your queries. We will feel very happy to provide you with our services. Contact us through our phone number or through our online websites.

Why choose us:

  • Our mission is to meet all the tourism requirements.
  • We offer you reasonable prices.
  • Our team, work with the dedication to make our clients satisfied.
  • We promise the best deal to our clients.
  • Also, we provide maximum benefit to our clients.